Get the benefits of training at 70% max with loads as low as 20-30% max

Increase muscle strength, size, and endurance with 30% less work

Stimulate Type 2 fast-twitch fibres and create local anaerobic training conditions for muscles

Temporarily increase local growth hormone levels by 200-300%


“Besides the high quality, what makes ‘The Occlusion Cuff’ better than it’s competition is the ability to inflate the cuffs to the users desired pressure making BFR Training more accurate and standardised. Each cuff comes with it’s own sphygmomanometer to accurately measure pressure. This product really is the gold standard when it comes to occlusion training.”
Yas Parr, Strength Coach & Educator at the POLIQUIN PERFORMANCE CENTER
The Occlusion Cuffs are excellent products and provide a valuable and unique type of training. Because of issues with my spine and lower back, lifting weights at max effort is a huge risk to my health. However, the Occlusion Cuff has allowed me to get back into strength training and continue to see improvements that I no longer thought I would be capable of achieving. I’m incredibly happy with this product and look forward to using it much more in the future!
Chelsea LeNoble, Research Scientist & Recreational Athlete
With all the expensive technology flooding the training market, nothing so affordable has made as big an impact on quality training. There’s too much evidence pointing to the benefits of BFR training to ignore and the simplicity of having control over the pressure used to occlude blood flow is valuable from increased results and improved safety. If I’m going to have a client perform this type of work, I want to have control over amounts of pressure. The Occlusion Cuff has made me more comfortable using BFR techniques with clients and made my own training better since I can easily create symmetry in the cuff pressures and set myself up to train easily. Love the product, would recommend it to anyone and everyone, affordable and easy to use.
Drew Cooper, Personal Trainer at Drew Cooper Gym
I have found the Occlusion Cuff very useful for: 1. Combining with other wearable tech (NIRS, SEMG) to create a standard/predictable occlusion prior to loading, whether it be cyclic or acyclic stimulation. 2. Educating clients on proper BFR restrictions to use for gym workouts or home exercise programs. Especially so for those clients practicing HEP and for whatever reasons don’t/can’t access gym spaces regularly for options that would permit greater loading intensities to be practiced.
Fred Aylward, Personal trainer and Owner of Fit by FRED