Cuffs Worldwide (Part 1)

So just over 6 months later and I felt like it was time for an update on the Occlusion Cuff and how it’s all panned out.

Firstly, apologies for the lack of blog posts. I hope the regular activity on the Facebook page, Twitter feed, and Instagram have made up for this. I frequently share great research, case studies, breakthroughs, and news coming out of the area of occlusion and blood flow restriction training. Trust me though, there’s loads of quality blog content coming your way such as What pressures are best for me?, The safety of occlusion training, and The role of occlusion training in elderly populations.

The first 6 months of business were crazy. There was no way anyone could have predicted how popular the Occlusion Cuff would be. It’s not far away from closing in on the milestone of 100 pairs of cuffs. That’s not to say it’s all been plain sailing, though. As with any business, the first couple of months were slow, but little by little momentum picked up. There were a number of little victories in this initial period of growth that made a big difference, such as trading to the English Institute of Sport and a number of their Olympian and Paralympian athletes, as well as being taken on as a featured new product in the Perform Better catalogue.

Occlusion Cuff Perform Better 2

Occlusion Cuff Perform Better 1








As a result I’m proud to say that the Occlusion Cuff is being used in rehabilitation and training with Newcastle United FC, Bournemouth FC, Wolverhampton Wanderers FC, and New Zealand Cricket, as well as supplying elite physiotherapy and personal training clinics in Australia, America, Canada, the UK and Slovenia.

And this is the most exciting part of the small success of the Occlusion Cuff so far – it’s gone global. Cuffs have been ordered and delivered in Ireland, England, Wales, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Slovenia, USA, and New Zealand. Even better than this has been the feedback that’s been received from all these separate parts of the world. We’ve got happy clients, who love the product, and who are feeling the advantage of occlusion training. Whether it’s recovering from surgery, pushing for new PB’s, or simply staying fit and healthy, the Occlusion Cuff has been able to deliver. It’s been humbling and heart-warming but most importantly, it’s been beneficial to the innovative and pioneering people that have got involved in the Occlusion Cuff.

So a heartfelt thanks goes out to all the great customers so far and it’s very exciting to think about what will be discussed in the next update in 6 months time…

But between now and then, I’ll be in touch.


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