The Story Behind The Occlusion Cuff

Working as a physiotherapist in professional sport I am always striving to get athletes back to performance as quick as possible.  I first came across the concept of occlusion training when I had an athlete with an osteochondral defect of his knee. The athlete had a long history of knee pathologies and was failing to respond to optimal loading strategies. I then began researching for alternative loading strategies and came across a treatment technique known as occlusion training in 2013.

At this time occlusion training  was relatively new to sports medicine and there was limited research on the topic. Although in its infancy the limited research results seemed promising.

I then began investigating training devices that could be used for occlusion training. It appeared that those practicing occlusion training were using one of two devices. One device consisted of an elastic band that was wrapped around a limb. Although this device was cheap it is was unable to provide an objective measure of the pressure applied to the limb and as a result was unsafe to train with. The other device was large and bulky and cost £5000. This device was simply not an affordable option for the majority of clinicians and patients.

As a result I set out and developed The Occlusion Cuff.  My sole aim was to offer a high quality, practical and affordable device. Fast forward to 2019 and the Occlusion Cuff is sold worldwide. Initially it was mainly utilised by professional athletes,  however as the evidence has grown so has its popularity.

The Occlusion Cuff® aims to allow you bring scientific results to your daily training and reach potentials you never knew were possible. I will continue develop The Occlusion Cuff  according to best practice and offer you a world class affordable training device.

So TRAIN SMARTER and join in.

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