The Story Behind The Occlusion Cuff

The Occlusion Cuff has come to be purely out of curiosity and the desire to provide patients with the best possible rehabilitation outcome.

I first came across the idea of occlusion training during my postgraduate study at Loughborough University. A friend was discussing a study that he was taking part in that was investigating the anaerobic response to lower limb occlusion during high-intensity interval sprint training. It was then that the potential benefits of maintaining your training consistently in the anaerobic threshold at a local muscular level was explained to me. I was intrigued and thought: “there could be something in that if the studies pull it off”.

A year later when supervising dissertations at Loughborough College a student of mine came to me with an original project proposal of investigating a dose-response protocol for occlusion training when performing certain gym exercises. I was fascinated by the incredible results that the research thus far had shown, and as this very enthusiastic student explained, how it could easily be reproduced. Out of all the students I was supervising at the time, this study in particular was unquestionably the most successful with a strong methodology and a plethora of high-quality studies to support it. It was then that I realised that occlusion training was something that had been studied in great detail by some small pockets of people dotted around the globe. The real eye-opener was the results my student found, which met the expectations of the previous research and showed me that occlusion training was genuinely effective. Plus, how many undergraduate self-proposed studies result in confirming their hypothesis? This student when on to win the academic award for the best dissertation that year. I recall discussing the potential of occlusion training in the physiotherapy department at Loughborough University and remarking how it be really interesting to get our hands on a product to use.

Fast forward to 2015 and I was in Dublin, reviewing my patient case-load and noting the number of knee ligament injuries I was seeing. A small spark re-ignited in my subconscious and my mind went back to the excellent results occlusion training had on muscle strength and hypertrophy at lower loads. I thought “wouldn’t most, if not all of these patients benefit from occlusion training?” and had a quick internet search for occlusion training products. To my disappointment I could find no high-quality products nearby, or even in the UK. My search for a product that matched my desire brought be to Japan and Australia. However, the cost of importing these products was far beyond what I considered reasonable to offer to patients. I found myself left with two options: either leave the idea of preventing atrophy and maximising strength and hypertrophy with occlusion training, or find a way of providing them with a product myself. The decisive moment was “if I know the benefit that my patients can get from occlusion training, but don’t make every effort to provide them with that benefit, am I denying them the best possible standard of care?”. From then on it was no-brainer.

After many months of research, emails, samples and brain-wracking The Occlusion Cuff® is ready to go. It’s  very exciting period as The Occlusion Cuff® has been designed by fusing the best of the science base with feedback from high-level athletes and industry professionals, all to bring the highest quality product possible to our patients and athletes. I hope that the vision I have for occlusion training: to become a gold-standard rehabilitation tool and a popular training tool across all disciplines, becomes a shared one by all of you whose minds are already open enough to reach this page.

As there is a long personal journey behind each Occlusion Cuff®, and I hope that comes across in everything we do.

The Occlusion Cuff® aims to allow you bring scientific results to your daily training and reach potentials you never knew were possible.

So TRAIN SMARTER and join in.


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