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Occlusion Cuff Elite ®

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The Occlusion Cuff Elite ® is the entry level occlusion training device of The Occlusion Cuff® product family. The Occlusion Cuff® BFR training bands increase muscle strength, size and endurance even with low loads. Blood flow restriction or Occlusion training is ideal for accelerating rehabilitation, enhancing performance and a perfect addition to everyday BFR training. Train smart and train better with The Occlusion Cuff®.

The Occlusion Cuff Elite® consists of:

  • 2 x Occlusion Cuffs
  • 1 x Measuring Gauge
  • 1 x Instruction Manual

The Occlusion Cuff Elite® can be adjusted to fit both arms and legs and is the product of choice for every day traditional BFR training.



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Restrict the flow

The use of Blood Flow restriction causes Lactic Acid to build up quickly. This means that you can achieve high intensity workouts with a lower resistance weight.

Anaerobic exercise

The decreased oxygenated blood flow means that the muscles have to work harder (anaerobic exercise). You are tricking your muscles into working 100% with a much lower weight.

Increase protein synthesis

As a result, a huge change happens in your muscles. Increased muscle protein synthesis, increased growth hormone production and recruitment of Type-2 Fast Twitch Fibers.

Quicker results

This change usually only happens when you are training at high-resistance but now you are getting the same workout with a lower weight, leading to faster results.



The Occlusion Cuffs stimulate a whole host of responses from your body meaning you see results faster!


Occlusion Cuff benefits

Increased muscle strength

The Occlusion Cuffs stimulate a whole host of responses from your body. Growth Hormones increase by 200-300%. Increased Type-2 Fiber recruitment. Elevated Protein Synthesis Response. Which means, you see strength results faster.

Less body strain

You can get the benefits of heavy weights without the heavy load. Meaning you're less likely to get injured and more likely to keep making progress. Spend more time training without worrying about doing damage to your body.

No equipment needed

Bodyweight exercises are good, but it can be hard to put on mass. The Occlusion Cuffs make your body think it’s training with heavy weights, even when it’s not. Achieve bigger results - whether it’s at home or in the gym.




Occlusion Cuff 6 Month Warranty

The Occlusion Cuffs are made of the highest quality materials. They’re light but durable. With every purchase, we offer you a 6-month warranty. We’re confident you’ll be happy with them.

Who is the Occlusion Cuff for?

Everyday fitness

Ready to level up your workouts? The Occlusion Cuffs were made to be used everyday. They fit comfortably in a gym bag and are quick and easy to use. Increase hypertrophy and endurance. See quicker gains. They can be used at home and at the gym - all you need for a good workout anywhere.

High performance

Occlussion Cuffs are used by professional athletes and sports teams, including Manchester United football club, the England rugby team and many more. If you're performing at a high level Occlussion Cuffs are a must have workout accessory to improve your strength and fitness while also limiting the risk of damage to your body.


With Occlussion Cuffs you can get back to training sooner after an injury. Start working your muscles intensely without the strain on your joints. By reducing muscle atrophy the Occlussion Cuffs can help you bounce back quickly to your best. Spend less time on the road to recovery and more time back in the gym.


"I used the Occlusion Cuff frequently in order to help accelerate my rehabilitation. The results have been fantastic with the main progress being my calf bulk, which was a monumental 8cm in difference between my right and left following surgery."

Rosie Galligan, England Rugby Player

"When I discovered the Occlusion Cuff I was amazed, because it helped me to maintain muscle in my upper limbs and it allowed me to hold my shape, endurance and speed up my recovery process when I broke my thumb in a boxing fight and couldn't train fully."

Kellie Harrington, Team Ireland Boxer

"I used The Occlusion Cuff for an injury I had over the last year and it played an important role in helping me secure a position at next year's Tokyo Olympics. It helped speed up my recovery process and maintain muscle while being restricted with training."

Brendan Irvine, Irish Olympic Boxer

"I was introduced to The Occlusion Cuff by my medical team at GB Cycling after I suffered a serious crash. The Occlusion Cuff has played an important role in accelerating my rehab. I now compete for GB Bobsleigh and will continue to use The Occlusion Cuff."

Victoria Williamson, GB Bobsleigh

"I ruptured my achilles during GB Bobsleigh training. I had
surgery and have been using The Occlusion Cuff ever since, to help accelerate my recovery in time for
next year’s Olympics. Can't underestimate how much it has helped my road to recovery!"

Sam Blanchet, GB Bobsleigh